Is cloud server down now?

We are getting 500 code for squidex API requests.
Could you please double check?

Squidex GUI doesn’t display content as well. e.g.:

Failed to load schemas. Please reload.

It works for me, there was a deployment at 31.01.2019, 14:43:52 Berlin time.

The issue is still there

Here is a couple more example:

Schema and content are empty:

there is just an error only:


  1. My colleague has other schema (not matmatch-cms) - it works. However, matmatch-cms doesn’t
  2. You are still added as a developer to matmatch-cms - could you please check?

Yes, I will immediately.

I am working on it and rolled back, but so far it does not help. The logs are confusing. I will keep you updated.

I found something. Your schema has 2 fields, called URL and url. Do you need both? It seems that the behavior has changed over the time and field names are case insensitive now. Your schema was relatively old, but with the latest release I had to run a migration which failed for this schema.

I could change the behavior, but it is relatively risky, or delete one of these fields.

URL has been deleted. I will remove it permanently from the history. Probably I also have to remove the “FieldReordered” events.

It should work again, I had to cleanup the event history of your edu-content schema.

Thanks, Sebastian.

It works now.

I am really sorry that this happened. It was an very edge case that was not detected during my tests. But I spent 90 stressful minutes to get it working again.

I see that it’s very specific case that not easy to predict.
We are appreciate your support and the quick resolution of the issue!