IP Address Trace for Requested Squidex api

Are we tracing the IP address from where the request hits the squidex api’s? if yes where can we get the log for the same .

Sorry, it is not possible, there are too many middlewares in between like Google Cloud Load Balancer and so on and I also do not track IP addresses because of privacy reasons.

can you guide me on how to keep track of requests coming to squidex sytem because i have exceeded my monthly limit of api call’s but i want to make sure whether its my system calls or some attacker is try to hit my api’s .it would be really helpful if you can provide some solution to keep track of api call’s

Usually cloudflare handles a lot of malicious attacks automatically.

But there are a few more things you can do:

  1. Download the logs:

It is really slow, because I have to deal with the API limits of the logging provider.

  1. Go to Rules and setup a usage trigger that sends you an email or slack message when your usage limit is above a threshold.

step 1 I have checked but failed to get what i am expecting …

can you please provide official email id’s of your’s and the concerned person who looks after the security of squidex system, so that i can share your ids with my higher official’s for the further discussion’s related to this issue

It is sebastian@squidex.io