Invoice for a company

Hi, is there a way to put the name and address of my company in the Invoice? The billing address of my credit card is different to the one of my company.
I tried putting my company name in the Shipping Information, but it does not show in the invoice.


You should be able to login to the invoice portal and change your data there. Alternatively you can send me a PM and I will add your infos to the system.

Hi Sebastian,
I’m sorry, I need to go back to this issue. I’ll explain myself better:
In the billing portal, there are 2 sections: Billing Information (there I specified the billing address of my credit card) and the Shipping Information (there I specified the info of my Company)

The invoice only includes the Billing Information, not the Shipping.

So, the question is… Can I put my Company’s information in the Billing Information section, or will the credit card be declined? We are alredy on production, so I don’t want to have it declined.

Yes, this should work. Don’t worry, even when the credit card gets declined the subscription will not end instantly.

OK, I’ll try that.
By the way, in the credit card statement, the charges appear as “DEUTSCHLAND”…

Hi Sebastian, it did not work. I tried putting my Company info in the Billing section. But it did not work.
The system tried already to charge my card 2 times (22 feb, 26 feb) and failed and will try next at 2 march.

I just changed everything to my original card and address (the ones that could be charged). But I’m super worried what happens if for some reason it cannot be charged. Is there a way to try sooner? Is it going to block my account in the 3rd try?

I will have a look tomorrow. Don’t worry, your subscription will not get blocked and even if this happens you will fall back to the free plan and I can reset the usage data for you. We will get it sorted.