Introducing teams

This concept is more for the cloud as it solves a problem with subscriptions, but it can be interesting for other features as well.

There are 2 problems with subscriptions at the moment:

  1. Subscriptions are bound to a single user, because it makes it easier to manage multiple subscriptions for multiple apps. The disadvantage is, that the transferring an app is annoying, which is necessary when a person leaves a company.
  2. Subscriptions are bound to a single app, which means you cannot share and distribute costs.

Therefore I am working on teams now, to solve this problem.

Below you find some screenshots from local dev environment:

Manage teams

Teams are listed in the overview:

You can create teams in the dropdown:

Team Details

Teams have the same navigational structure like an app. The dashboard shows you more or less the same statistics and the associated apps:

You can manage subscriptions in the team…

Subscriptions are shared between all apps, but you can give individual clients an contingent.

Of course you can also have contributors, but there are not roles yet:


When an app is assigned to a team, the subscription is managed by the team as well:

If you have the permission for a team and the app you can transfer the app to a team:

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