Integration of squidex asset picker with our TinyMCE editor

Current behavior

Task to integrate squidex asset picker with our version of TineMCE in Squidex.
Reference, some code in here adds the asset picker to tinymce:

Asking for some guidance on how to integrate squidex asset picker with our own version of tinymce.

Expected behavior

Squidex asset picker is possible to use with our own TinyMce editor, with it’s benefits - searching, browsing and managing squidex assets content. Like a minified popup of Squidex Assets page.
Instead of TinyMce’s default media and image plugins.

to start from suggestions and advices
and how do you see this possible

Search for “pickAssets” here:

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Succeed to add the button.

Question: I need to write the callback function for editor.pickAssets(callaback) by myself?
using the object comes from currentPickAssets.callback(;

and resolve each file type as <img>, <link>, etc?
Or maybe any existing callback function already exists?

Sure, because it depends what you want to do with the callback. I cannot provide that.

Ok… nothing impossible :slight_smile:

RichText editor functionality could be probably fine to use?

Can I also ask please: is there a list of supported files types to upload?

No, you can upload anything.

Raised the question bacauce .mp3 is failing to be uploaded

Is there any ways to set and limit supported formats in Squidex?
probably Asset Scripts in Settings?

but they are empty and a .mp3 file fails to upload…


Please do not use this topic to ask just anything. One topic per question please.

Sorry. Ok.

Thanks for support with asset picker!