Integrate storage with Azure CDN


I setup Squidex on Azure based on your instructions.

Now I want to integrate the storage container with Azure CDN resource

I will glad to any assistent


I am not using Azure myself, I cannot provide guidance for that.

To do this with Azure CDN on top of azure storage you need to make the entire storage publically available. This bypasses all squidex permissions, and hosts images via the CDN url, and not through the squidex asset api endpoints. You probably do not want to do this.

A better approach would be something like Azure Front Door (or some other proxy caching layer like akamai) with rules for caching/CDN configured for the asset url paths. Then you would likely need to build some cache invalidation plugin so that when an asset was updated the cache was cleared for that path.

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I have this working for the Squidex cloud like this. I just cache the everything under api/assets I think.