Integrate AWS Cognito [3rd party IDaaS] with GraphQL API Calls for Squidex for my frontend Client (PWA App in Angular)


I have a directive from business to use AWS Cognito(I can’t use Squidex Identity). How can I integrate AWS Cognito(Identity and Auth as a Service) with GraphQL Squidex APIs to authenticate my login sessions with Squidex headless CMS. Any examples of configurations/settings that I can follow quickly to make this happen. Any advice links articles would really help

I have no idea what AWS Cognito is. Is it just another auth provider like Google?

It is a Competitor like Squidex Identity. I will be getting JWT tokens from the AWS Cognito which will be used for a signed up user to access Squidex GrapQL APIs to finally track her user state and update them back on my serverless functions for state management.

Google/Facebook authentication are SSO features on AWS Cognito just like how Squidex Identity solves it too.

There is no end user support in squidex, even Squidex identity users cannot login to use the API with their bearer tokens.

Hi @Sebastian

This is what I meant when I said I want to use Squidex CMS GraphQL APIs as a resource server under an authentication scheme so that my authenticated users can access data in squidex CMS using AWS Cognito

I wanted to check if I have been able make a clear point in terms of expressing my question :slight_smile:

This is not directly possible. Because when the API receives a JWT token you don’t know when where they are coming from. Technically you could allow multiple authorities, I guess, but I think it is not possible with ASP.NET Core. You would still need to add your users as contributors to your app. If you want to replace identity server, it is possible, but I don’t recommend it. I would just forward the graphql calls through a custom proxy layer.

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