Install on Azure

Hi, i 've tried to follow the instructions on to install Squidex on azure

There is one configuration setting where I’m stuck.
“value”: “mongodb://[YOUR ADMIN]:[YOUR PASSWORD]@[YOUR IP]:27017”,
“slotSetting”: false

where can I find the info for [Your IP] ? I suppose the you admin and you password is something I can choose as the UID and PW for the mogoDB or these also configuration settings which can be retrieved from Azure ?

Thank you Noël

It is the connection string to your mongo server. It can also be a host name

Hi Thx for the great help Sebastian

I changed the setting towards “mongodb://xx.xx.xx.xx:27017”,
where the x’s are the IP, so no login or pw. I see in my Visual Code, the database is created and the server is started and does asks for my credentials

I suppose the admin is in the setting …

I did not change the default, i did setup a password however
When I try to login, … i gotthe email or password not correct

Common mistake is you have chosen af password that is not secure enough, it’s often hidden somewhere in the logs.

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