Install from helm chart

Hello, i’m interested to try squidex installation on our kubernetes cluster, this cluster is managed from Rancher, usually we used catalogs (helm chart) for try a “fast” installation, someone knows if this chart is working and supported?

when we try to add catalog, we have this issues:

Error while parsing response from [], error: yaml: line 7: mapping values are not allowed in this context

with another helm chart, this:

we have:

Unexpected HTTP status code 404 from [], expected 200

Where am I doing wrong?
thank you


I have not created them and I am also not familiar with helm. Perhaps you can ask for help?

Hi Sebastian, thanks for you reply…
going forward i tried installing directly using your yaml file, this: [squidex-docker][standalone][kubernetes][squidex]squidex.yaml

in my cluster mongodb instance was already installed… “mongodb://mongodb.mongodb:27017/”

silly question… i have to create a new db called squidex?

Unhandled exception. Squidex.Infrastructure.ConfigurationException: MongoDb connection failed to connect to database Squidex

16/4/2020 14:52:08 —> MongoDB.Driver.MongoCommandException: Command createIndexes failed: command createIndexes requires authentication.

No, the database is created but the exception is very detailed: You need authentication in your connection string

in the same string or you suggest to add a specific env?
something like…
value: “C140”

thanks :slight_smile:

It is a connection string:

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