Infinite "Loading Squidex" page

Greetings! I wish to develop with squidex locally. So I started to download repo source code, then set up MongoDB connections. Last steps - to launch front-end, and backend from this docs. Everything fine, the migrations on DB server, frontend build successful, backend got no errors, but I have infinite loading screen on localhost:5000

. What could I do wrong?

I think you are running squidex in production mode, ensure that ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT is set to Development.

Nope, checked and It’s Development. I got these errors on the console.

. I also tried to set up, using docker, but got error “Cannot find the file” when trying to execute docker-compose up -d

Perhaps you have to install the dev certificate. localhost:3000 is the dev server and Squidex also make a request to it and would throw a 500, if it fails.

You should also go to https://localhost:5001

Your right, the problem was with certificates

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