[INACTIVE] Azure Service Bus Action Type

Hello, we have a custom plugin for targeting Azure Service Bus with Rule events and I was wondering if you have any appetite for this being a part of the Squidex source code itself? If so I can try and cut through some company red tape, amend the code a bit to make it generic and in keeping with existing plugins including test coverage, and open a PR for it.

Selecting it as the action type:

Configuring the action (Note: Currently the secret part is provided by the Squidex configuration to avoid exposing it in the UI; this is the main thing I would need to change before opening a PR):

The code we have uses the presence of the X-SERVICEBUS-SessionId header to determine if it should attach a session ID or not so both session enabled and disabled queues should be supported.

Let me know what you think!

p.s. This isn’t an entirely selfless offering, currently we have to merge our plugin code with Squidex’s source code and then build a Docker image, so removing the merging of code would make our pipeline less complicated.

Yes, why not. Sounds helpful, but only if the credentials can be configured in the action.

Thats okay :smiley:

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Have had the thumbs up from above so can hopefully work on this in the next couple of weeks.

“Could of weeks”? How much code have you written? I am not accepting more than 500 LOC :wink:

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Haha don’t worry it’s just because of whether I can convince squad to let me work on it this sprint or next, and because priority for me is getting us on version 7.x asap!

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Are you going to provide a PR for this?

Yes sorry for forgetting to update (it’s been two months?!), I was planning on it, but then life and a new laptop got in the way! Fortunately I did remember to push up to my fork before switching to new laptop so my rough beginnings (has not been tested at all yet) were not completely lost:

Our original code didn’t make use of the ClientPool so that slowed things down a bit as I felt like you would require it but wasn’t entirely sure on it’s purpose; is it to help manage the potentially dozens/hundreds of Service Bus clients (among other clients) that you might need in the cloud?

Yes, client pool would be great :slight_smile:

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Any progress on your side?

No sorry, now I have a build setup to target my fork I should be able to properly test things out as I work on it but I have no idea when I will be free to do that!