In graphql we are getting data null for the fallback languages in the translation

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Current behavior

Hi @Sebastian required some help
I had created the blocks schema in that it contains block element and that block element contains different data
Currently I get the Data of the block element in the English language in graphql query which is my master language but in the postman rest api i get data in the both languages english(master language) and german(fallback languages)
For Translation I am using squidex translation which German as my fallback language and English
as my master language
Screenshot of my language settings in the squidex

screenshot of Getting block element in the Postman rest api

screenshot of getting data in the block element in the postman rest api

screenshot of null for the same data but in the graphql query

Expected behavior

I want the same in the graphql query which i get in the postman rest api

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Have you applied the same headers? The logic between these two endpoints is shared, so I don’t see how it could behave differently.

Good Morning @Sebastian thank you very much for th reply
We have an angular app so for our graphql we are using apollo server and below is the screenshot of the apollo server which contains header

So rather than using X-languages headers we make the graphql query argumentive like below screenshot

second screenshot contains the block section query fragment
For language translation we created one dropdown which contains different languages means from the dropdown when we select the languages then the short code of that languages will be stored in the ‘store’ using akita then whenever this function is called we get the language shortcode from the akita and send that short code to the function as an argument

I am still not sure what the problem is. It is super confusing with all the screenshots. Just post code directly here. Also your screenshots never show “null”.