Implementing Undo functionality

I have content spread across numerous schema, each of which can go through numerous changes within a user session. I’d like to be able to query Squidex to give me a list of all those changes so that I could sort into chronological order and allow a step by step undo. Is there a way to query an app for this type of information ?

There is this endpoint that is used in the frontend:

A channel is a prefix like schemas or contents or contents.{id}

We could also make improvements to define the actor per query.

Thanks Sebastian, I’ll take a closer look at the api.

Thanks again Sebastian for taking the time to answer. Was hoping to get some follow up answers however:

  • Is there a predefined timespan for which history records are returned ?
  • Or is there a trigger for clearing out history records ?
  • Is there already a mechanism in place to delete a change made to contents (maybe a way to delete a version based on version number)?

No, just the last 100.

No, history is never deleted.

No, only one version of a content exists. If you want to implement undo, you have to implement the undo operation manually. Technically we could implement something to delete the last X events or so and then rebuild the content from there.