Implementing a path to live in the cloud

Hi we have a quick question we have 3 instances of Squidex

  1. Dev
  2. Pre production / QA
  3. Production

We have migrated our Pre Prod and Production to the cloud (SaaS) platform. We used to migrate code and content between environments by backing up and restoring but this option is not available in the SaaS platform. Please can you advise how we should do this? We typically do 2 major releases a month.

Many thanks

In general I cannot recommend this approach: If you restore your installation twice a week you have two issues:

  1. You get a lot of zombie apps, archived app that still exist in the system.
  2. Your app is not available during this time.

Most users either write a script or use the CLI to sync settings from one app to another:

It also depends on your changes. Most people only add schemas and add a few fields here and there, so you cannot destroy your system.

Many thanks for the feedback.

For settings and schemes we will write a script

Can we sync content changes as well using the export and import function?

The idea is that content changes can only be made on Prep Prod rather than production ensuring that Prod Website is secure and free from any “tampering” / mistakes made by Business Users / Developers.

Many thanks