[IMPLEMENTED] Versioning of content

Would be great to have versioning of content, especially the ability to revert back to a previous version if somebody messes something up.

Unless I am misunderstanding, this already exists. If you edit a content item, you can click on the history icon on the upper right. From here you can see every version of the item, and save one of these to become the published copy.

Exactly, thanks @Derek_Begnoche.

To prevent something messes up you can also create a proposal for a change. Once you have published a content you can make changes without publishing it directly. So you can let it review it.

In fact it is hard to really mess something up, because we never delete or update stuff in Squidex, we always append changes to a stream of events. Sometimes we do not have the tools to revert stuff but it is doable, because you can never loose something.

@David_Taylor Does it answer your question?

I see. I didn’t notice that little “circle icon” before. Normally when viewing history you can see a diff between versions, I guess that’s what I was thinking of.

You mean side by side? In the old UI there was no space left, but it would doable now. Perhaps 2050 or so.

Yes, the standard side by side diff.

What does 2050 mean?

It was a bad joke. I mean that it is a very complex feature to show the diffs, because you have to implement it for all the different field types and editors (and what is about custom editors and json and …?). And because there are so many other items in our todo list it will not be done before the year 2050.

I see, I get the joke now. I certainly wouldn’t implement my own diff, I was thinking there are probably some open source libraries out there that do this already.

Just a thought. In my day job we use a CMS called Jahia which has this feature and the users live by it. So just wanted to bring it up.

I know this feature from contenful and I totally agree that it is useful. Thank you for the feedback, but I just do not see right now that it has a high priority, But things change.

I closed the feature requests. Feel free to create a new feature request with the diff editor.