[IMPLEMENTED] Use field label instead of name in field selection when selecting columns in contents view


Our users have found it a bit confusing that the list of fields you select from when selecting columns to display on the contents view can differ from the actual name used for the column. For example:

Does this seem easily doable or is there a technical limitation that makes it difficult?

No, there is not technical limitation. It is not that easy, but doable.

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Ah yeah just found code for it in custom-view-editor.component.html.

Would need to instead pass in fields from contents-page.component.html and change it to get the name and label from the object and use them where appropriate?

   [listFields]="$any(tableSettings.listFieldNames | async)"

Was considering opening a PR but I am not confident with the client side bits so it may take some time!

Also just remembered something that scuppered another feature request I had a while ago; two fields can have the same label!

So it would need to potentially detect that there is duplication going on and have the field name in brackets afterwards, for example the above could be listed as:

  • Column Label (ColumnName)
  • Column Label (AnotherColumnName)

The problem is more that the table fields are defined as string | RootFieldDto, which makes everything more complicated. With a better type everything is easier.

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