[IMPLEMENTED] Unique selection on Relation Field


We use the relation field quite a lot in our project and like to select unique items and avoid duplicate selections.
see image: able to multiple items of Entertainment category. Thanks

You have to make a feature request out of it.

Thanks, I’ve updated the post to Feature Request section.

I have added a client and server side validation for it. It is the default behavior now, but can be disabled in the field settings.

Thank you so much for really fast implementation Sebastian. I can see there’s “Allow duplicate entries” checkbox in the field settings and client side validation on the field.
Currently, the item is still added to the list with duplication message displayed on it. For better improvement (or next feature request), it’ll be good if the selected item no longer displayed in the “Select contents” popup. That would avoid the duplicates before making the selection and easier for users if you have a lot of items in the list which span across multiple pages.

For now this is good enough for current request and is working perfectly. Thanks again for really quick implementation!

Yes, I knew that this would be requested as well, but I made the decision to release something as quick as possible and then improve it later.

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