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We have a couple of reference lists within a schema, our problem is when we search for the contents in the popup filter list there is the possibility of obtaining a long list with various long titles that are almost the same, given the the fields are truncated it becomes very hard to decipher, we were wondering if it possible to add a “title” or “alt” to the span tags in that way with a simple mouse over we are able to see the full title?

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add n articles with almost identical titles longer than 60 chars


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it is already solved in newer versions :wink:

Hi Sebastian, we have installed version 6.7 and the changes to the main pages are great, our problem though is the reference lists with an article.
Example, if you click “Select Existing”

or after selecting the articles the columns aren’t resizable and do not have the possibility to expand and see the full titles.


Can you try the latest dev version? dev-6932

Then you should see an icon to enable word wrapping:

EDIT: Oh, you talking about references, stupid me…there is no feature for that yet.

I Would introduce a meaningful title field for that.

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