[IMPLEMENTED] System Specified Limit to Items Returned

Per the documentation the hard limit is 200 per result. However, in my case it is much more beneficial if I can change that limit because I bake results for further use later on. So, instead of batching 10-20 requests, I can just raise the limit. Could this be a configurable setting even if its on the development side?

Sure, but not for the cloud. It is used to protect the API, not to make you angry :wink:

it should be a relatively easy PR :wink:

Haha no big. I understand and appreciate the hard limits. I would totally do the PR but I don’t want to mess anything up as I C# is the one language I don’t work in haha.

It has been implemented: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/commit/e880a2225c0ccd59047d7cb2fccdb491b86d7527