[IMPLEMENTED] Styled source code view

I work quite a lot in the source code view since I use Bootstrap classes a lot so it would be nice to have a more colorful soruce code editor. Basically some coloring and a good default document formatting with indendation would be enough for this feature to begin with.

Oh, and one more thing. The width and height of the modal could be stretched out some more. There is plenty of room, specially on the sides.

What do you think about codemirror: https://codemirror.net/index.html?

Increasing the size should be no problem. I just have to maintain a third size of the modal like small, normal, large. At the moment we have only two sizes.

Codemirror looks good. :+1:

I am not sure if I really understand your requirements, what is the problem with the current editor? If we increase the size, we should probably also add some snippets to the dialog.

The is currently no indentation, no colors and the modal is too small to be able to work effectively.

No indentation?

I am referring to the source code view from within the rich text editor, not the editor for the scripts.

Ah, know I see :smiley: … you can write a custom editor if you want.

Basically you just want a html editor without previewing, right? My experience is that it works pretty bad to write the html by yourself and to have the rich text functionality.

Yes, preview is not needed.
I don’t write much HTML. I just wrap elements in spans or divs and add some flex / bootstrap classes most of the time. 95% I do by using the RTE UI.

Hi, I have added the editor for you:

I think we misunderstood each other again :yum:
The editor I’m talking about is the one that opens up in a modal when you select “view source” in the “File”-menu - under the menu item furthers to the right - don’t remember its name but can post a screenshot later.

Damn :smiley: … But it is out of scope to write a custom WYSIWYG editor. You could try another one editor like ckeditor 5. If I remember the license was a problem, but you can write your custom editor based on the sample

Thanks for the tip but I think it’s fine for now.