[IMPLEMENTED] Showing saved filters in fields

Happy New Year! We’re getting ready for production! :slight_smile:

Is there any way to filter using saved filters within fields? Right now, saved filters working only at the scheme level, but it would be great to have filters added to the filter component in the field (“Select Existing”). Even better, it would be awesome if we can apply specific filters as default for each field as part of the Validation tab.


I am not sure if I understand that. Can you explain the details?

Is there a way to add in this popup saved filters?

Yes, why not … seems to make sense :smiley:

Haha, thank you! Would be even better if each field will remember the last saved search/filter.

Thank you again!

How do you mean that?

For example, I have two fields that share the same content scheme (keywords), but each of them has a relevant filter that makes it easier to find their specific values. Instead of applying the saved filter each time, it would be better if Squidex will remember the last filter/saved search used on that field, so next time I open it, I wouldn’t need to re-apply the same filters, etc.

Hi @Sebastian,

Is there a plan to develop this feature request/suggestion sometime soon or later?


I am working on a new GraphQL Layer now with a different library and when this is done, I can work on it. You could support me with some mockups or so.

Sounds good! I’ll add them here soon. Thanks!

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@Sebastian Sorry for the delay. Here’s a quick mockup of how I envision this little yet powerful enhancement.

  1. A new tab will be added to the “Filters” dialog named “Saved Filters”
  2. Clicking on this tab will replace the content with the user’s saved filters (probably will show all available filters, including the ones shared by others)
  3. Clicking on a filter will highlight it as selected (maybe choosing multiple filters will be more powerful., but not sure how complex it is)
  4. Even more powerful and needed, is the ability to “Save Settings” so you don’t need to re-apply these filters every time - this will save a ton of time, as each field can show specific items, instead of all items under the scheme. You’ll see that on the left side of the “Submit” button, I added this option.

Hope this helps.


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@Sebastian is this still in the roadmap? or we can expect to have it at a later stage?


Yes, it is not forgotten, but there are so much other things recently. Nothing you can really see unfortunately, but they are there.

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