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Current behavior

After upgrading from 6.0.14 to 7.3.0, I am able to login and view the app we use and it’s assets, but attempts to navigate to the content, schema or settings does not work - either by using the links in the UI, or by manually typing in the URLs. The user I am logged in as is the admin, and has “Owner” role on the app. Clicking on the Schemas button spins the Squidex logo for a second and then remains on the same Dashboard page.

Expected behavior

Schema, Content and Settings screens should be available.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Two methods attempted, both produce the issue;
1: Leave the existing v6 content available, spin down Squidex v6, spin up 7.3.0 and let it migrate
2: Spin up a clean instance of 7.3.0 and restore content from an existing v6 environment


App Name: https://cyan-as-uks-ppportalcms.azurewebsites.net

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Version: [7.0.3]


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I need a log message from chrome or so to dig into your issue. Right now I cannot help you.

Hi Sebastian

Interestingly it appears to work in Chrome 108.0.5359.94, but not in Firefox 107.0.
In Firefox, clicking one of the links (schema, content etc) throws an error in the console:

Well that’s peculiar - whilst refreshing the page to try and generate and save the console errors - it started working in Firefox. Very odd! I guess this must be an issue with this browser version :slight_smile:

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:107.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/107.0

This is usually just a caching version. It loads a file from the previous version. Just press F5 to solve that.

I’ve found it usually requires a hard reload so CTRL+F5.

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I was thinking to implement a service worker, but you can do a lot of things wrong with that and not all of the problems are in my hand, so it could potentially cause more issues then it would solve.

But perhaps I could implement a global error handler and show a proper warning. I am going to change this issue to a feature request.

(just for myreference: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49198268/how-to-overcome-loading-chunk-failed-with-angular-lazy-loaded-modules)

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Or maybe just serve main.js with main.js?v=[hash] in asp core this can be done with asp-append-version (if serve as standard asp page/view)? With service worker i think it can do more harm than real benefit.

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Yes, this would help as well. But not for all cases.

I have implemented this now. All files contain the hash now.

@Jiri In case you are interested… I have built a custom file provider, that can resolve a file that contains a hash, so styles.css can be resolved with styles.23123213.css now. This means I can just resolve files that are generated by angular.


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