[IMPLEMENTED] Setup Guide, Feedback needed

Hello together,

I need your feedback.

I am working on a setup guide in Squidex. Attached you will find 2 screenshots. The goal is to provide a UI to create the initial user and to fix the typical errors that are done during deployment. What else would you see? Unfortunately I cannot change anything from the settings here.



Hi Sebastian,

The areas I use most when installing;

1- BaseURL
2- MongoDB ConnectionString, (Is it necessary to install pem file for ssl etc in MongoDb configuration? This is also an important issue)
3- Database Names (contens, maindb)
4- Administration Config with onlyAdminsCanCreateApps

Also, for onpremise installations, many settings on appsettings must be in the user interface that can be managed by only Admin.

Even with on-premise, most users use docker and then a user interface for settings does not work. The majority of the settings also require a restart.

Btw: I follow these rules here: https://12factor.net

But the last point is a good idea. Thank you very much.