[IMPLEMENTED] Server side analytics for GraphQL

Hi team,

I am looking for a solution to be able to track particular data being accessed via graphql queries.

The tracking is not for UX or anything complicated, more for simple tracking like how many times each banner ad has been clicked.

The api call log isn’t enough, as the graphql queries are just shown as POSTS without any context, understandably.

I understand there are client side solutions, however there is a bit of complexity with the mobile framework I am using, and for this simple use case I would rather go server side.

Cheers - sam.

Squidex uses Open Telemetry, so it would basically mean collecting more data here.

Would it be sufficient to add spans to the concrete resolvers?

Hi Sebastian, could you please expand on that comment? Is it something already built in?

A query in graphql is called a resolver. If we measure that with Open telemetry you can analyze that.

See: https://opentelemetry.io/

Thank you, that should do it

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