[IMPLEMENTED] Secured external DAM

Hi Sebastian,

Is there any integration with secured (e.g. OAuth) Digital Asset Management solutions? Perhaps, it exists and wasn’t reflected in the documentation or I missed it.
What I mean by integration. For example:

  1. There is an OAuth secured API which provides access to image/video etc.
  2. There is an OAuth STS.
    A writer creates the next content:
    <img src=“https://external-dam/api/sample.png?version=1”/>
    <iframe src=“https://external-dam/api/sample-video?version=1”/>
    Result: it won’t be visible in WYSIWYG editor.
    Currently we are experimenting with Squidex cloud. For production it will be Azure hosted solution.
    As far as I understand it comes down to Authenticating Squidex against STS and sending access token to the API.

PS Great job with Squidex!

Something is broken with your image. But there is nothing like that at the moment.

Thank you for your quick response, Sebastian.
Could you clarify what was the driver of the decision not to secure assets?
Is there anything related in your roadmap?

The decision was that it is not necessary. The asset ids are totally random and you need to know the Id of the asset. This is almost like a password per file.

Assets can be protected now.