[IMPLEMENTED] Schema field disabled in UI for Update

Hi Sebastian,

While developing an application, we sometimes need to not change the created data afterwards. Can we add a checkbox on the schema side and ensure that the relevant data is not updated on the update screen after it is created?

It is possible to do this by writing scripts on the schema side, but this is not a good method. It is better to disable the relevant field in the update screen to prevent it from making data changes. It felt like we could do this with a small checkbox addition.

What would you think about this topic?

Perhaps we can do it with conditional fields instead?

It is necessary to give a condition in conditional fields. and promotes abuse. Actually, it is correct to say that these fields are disabled in the editing screen. because I don’t have a condition anyway

a condition could be “action == ‘Update’” ?

i can try but not working. This field not disabled for content update screen.

“Could” … I mean it could be extended to work like this :wink:

:crazy_face: I understood as if it existed. This way it can work in a transaction. The checkbox would still be easier to use. But this is a good solution

The context that is available in custom fields is also available in field rules now. So yoiu can just use ctx.initialContent to check for Create vs Update

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