[IMPLEMENTED] Rules for Schema Changes

It is useful to autogenerate a client for the swagger produced by squidex. To automate this, it would be great if I could attach a rule to a squidex app which regenerates a client when the schemas change in a similar way to the rules for content and assets.

Sounds useful. I can add the trigger on Monday.

Wow! That was quick going. thanks :smile:

You are welcome …

I thought I’d try switching over to the dev docker image. Is it backward compatible with or do I need a clean database? I get this:
“logLevel”: “Fatal”,
“message”: “An error occurred starting the application”,
“eventId”: {
“id”: 9
“exception”: {
“type”: “System.AggregateException”,
“message”: “One or more errors occurred. (QueueWorkItem was called on a non-null context [SystemTarget: S10.42.3.83:11111:287607307*stg/13/0000000d@S0000000d] but there is no valid WorkItemGroup for it.)”,
“stackTrace”: " at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting.Internal.HostedServiceExecutor.ExecuteAsync(Func`2 callback)\n at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting.Internal.HostedServiceExecutor.StartAsync(CancellationToken token)"
“app”: {
“name”: “Squidex”,
“version”: “”,
“sessionId”: “6e36253d-46e9-4751-8a3f-9d4394a28d3f”
“timestamp”: “2019-02-11T18:55:19Z”,
“category”: “Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting.Internal.HostedServiceExecutor”

I hope this helps.
Kind Regards,


Do you have the full logs for this start?

I pushed a fix, was easy to reproduce with an empty database.