[IMPLEMENTED] Role for Assets

In many releases, I see a lot of work on assets. Thanks for the improvements!
In assets settings we have the flag “Protected” that allow works with assets only with token key. But we do not have an role restrictions for assets or some assets list like on schemas.
This feature would be useful:)

If it already exist please indicate the version with which it is available. I haven’t found it yet.

Also, depending on the implementation, you may need to implement an API to assign a list of roles to assets using another role.

It is the normal read role: assets.read: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/blob/master/backend/src/Squidex.Shared/PermissionIds.cs#L150

See implementation

I am using this role. For example the case, I have 2 clients with tokens: one is frontend, and the second is some kind of application. Some assets should only be accessible by another application.

First I was thinking to just implement it, but I think I will improve the scripting to make features like this possible.

I have implemented asset scripts for queries, that should help to implement that. Will be deployed on Tuesday.

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