[IMPLEMENTED] Retrieving a post from graphql without know which schema it belongs to

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Hi Sebastian, I was going through some of the graphql functions and i was wondering whether or not it’s possible to “search and retrieve” an article from different schemas with a general query.
For example: We have various schemas for articles, single content and page content, but I would like to not have to call queryArticleContents, querySingleContents or queryPageContent separately given that X article could be in either of the 3 schemas and I would have to know where it was placed and I have only the ID passed through.

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The normal REST endpoint has a query to get multiple content items from all schemas by IDs. But not graphql.

if these content items are references from another content item it would work. But I have to add a new resolver for that.

if you need that, you can convert this ticket to feature request.

I have added a new function to graphql:

query ContentsQuery($ids: [String!]!) {
	queryContentsByIds(ids: $ids) {
		... on Content {
		... on Cities {
			data: flatData {
		... on States {
			data: flatData {

You have to use unions for that.

To make the life easier there is also a new resolver, which can be used to get the plain data:

query ContentsQuery($ids: [String!]!) {
	queryContentsByIds(ids: $ids) {
		... on Content {
			data: data__dynamic

Hi Sebastian,
this is awesome news. When will this implementation be available?
Thank you very much

Just use the dev tag: squidex/squidex:dev-7538

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