[IMPLEMENTED] Retrieve unpublished (draft) content

It would be useful to be able to pull unpublished (draft) content.

Here’s the use case where this would be valuable:

Since this is a headless CMS, there is no way to preview the content as it will appear in the site until you publish. Many (most) companies have a development site however. If there was an API for the retrieving content that isn’t published, then the DEV site could retrieve and show unpublished content and the content editors could see how the content will actually look before publishing.

Makes sense, I can hopefully implement it tomorrow or Wednesday.

I was wondering if this could be done at the token level. Meaning you can request a token for either published or draft content.

Sure, but I am not sure if everybody uses multiple clients. But would be an additional safe guard.

Hey Sebastian, just wondering if you had a chance to implement this last week as you mentioned. If not, did you decide on how to specify to retrieve draft content? This way I can start thinking about how I’ll implement it in the site I am working on.

Thanks again!

Sorry, not yet. Two reasons:

  1. My brain works with 50% speed only, because even inside it is 30° degrees here in Germany and we have no air-condition.

  2. I try to finalize the backup system at the moment, which I have promised several times to other users and it is more complicated than I thought.

I have released it: https://docs.squidex.io/guides/02-api#published