[IMPLEMENTED] Resolve assets as more than just `image`

When referencing an asset, we are able to resolve the image. This is great. but for assets that are not images, I would like to see additional resolve options:

  • If the Validation has selected must be image, Editing should show Resolve Image
  • In all cases, Editing should show Resolve FileName
  • In all cases, Editing should show Resolve Slug

@see: Reference Field not showing

Can we not just simplify and just make it the default and always resolve with either the Image or the FileName (+Slug)?

actually yeah, that makes sense as well.

the initial thinking was to prfioritize the ‘must be image’ option, but on reflection even if it must be an image you may still want to resolve a filename.

Hi, I have implemented that:


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Thank you! it looks great.