[IMPLEMENTED] Reject "Save and Publish" action

I would like a possibility to disable “Save and Publish” button or reject this editor action.
We are afraid of accidental publishing.
After clicking “Save” further flow works perfect for us.

I tried to look into Workflows, but I’m not in favor of adding extra “status” field to the schema.
In our case it will be the same person creating content and scheduling publishing of it, so we don’t really need a workflow.
I also looked into Create and Change scripts to reject editor action, but I couldn’t find operation or status value that could differentiate content items that are just created, from those that are updated.

ctx.operation == Created
ctx.Status == Draft
ctx.operation == Published
ctx.Status == Published

I would appreciate, if you could help with a script that does this.

Thanks in advance.

I can probably introduce a flag for that so that you can reject it then.

Hi, I have changed the oldStatus to undefined for this case, which makes kind of sense I would say. So you can use:

if (ctx.status === 'Published' && !ctx.oldStatus) {

Thank you, @Sebastian for such a quick assistance. This solution makes sense.
Will it be available in the next release and when do you plan to make it?

Cloud or hosted? Cloud will be released this week, hosted probably as well, but you can also try the dev build.

We host it ourselves. Will await release then. Thanks.