[IMPLEMENTED] Predefined tags

Hi Sebastien,

I have a field which I want to contain multiple values to be used as content filters in my application.

At the moment its a reference to another field which contains some friendly text for the filter name. I’m sure there must be an easier way which would allow me to return that friendly name directly in a text field without the reference…

Is there a way I can have a tags field restricted to only certain tags, or a dropdown field which allows multiple selections?


Sure, create a StringField, select Dropdown or Radio and enter the allowed values.

I tried that, but I don’t think it allows multiple selections does it?

Sorry, I did not read the requirement with multiple values. I could extend the tags field to allow predefined values only.

Sorry, thought I replied but I think I forgot to hit the button.

It’s not an issue for me at the moment - I’m using referenced fields and it allows me to be a bit more advanced.

I still think it would be a useful feature though. Maybe the same could be achieved with Regex?

It could be a helpful extension. I will probably work on it tomorrow.

Coming soon:

Looking good - thanks!

I have implemented and deployed it.