[IMPLEMENTED] Poymorphic arrays

First of all: I really love Squidex. It’s one of the most feature-complete, usable headless CMS I’ve used, and I’ve used quite many in production: Contentful, Prismic, Strapi, and more.

One of the features I’ve missed, though, is something of the like of Prismic’s “Slices”. Slices are just repeatable polymorphic fields - like your “Array” field, but with different groups of fields.

Imagine a blog article or a case study: You could have a block of text (a single “Text” field), then a quote (a group of “quote text” + “author”), then another block of text, then an image gallery (a repeatable group of images), maybe a Code block (language + code), etc.

I’ve found myself using this quite much on production sites and our clients love it - it gives them the freedom of shaping the content as they like, while we as developers keep control on how we want to show that information, often mapping one of these “types” to a component.

In any case, good job! :metal:

Makes sense, thank you for the feature request.

Is it not the same like this: Conditional Content Fields ? More or less…

I have started conceptual work: [WIP] Conditional fields

It is deployed now …