[IMPLEMENTED] Possibility to make a Field unique

make some fields as unique

a big plus one from me as well…

Our use case:
We are defining landing pages as a schema and each landing page has a slug. We require the slug to be unique otherwise there will be 2 landing pages for the same slug.

A checkbox to mark a field as unique in the schema

Diligence and discipline :yum:

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Nice addition for me also !

It sounds useful and I was thinking about an implementation. Right now it is no option to implement it on the database level, because it would create thousand of indices in the database. But a simple check before a content is created or updated is definitely useful. It does not offer the same level of consistency but I think it should be enough for most use cases.

Implemented and deployed, but as I said as a validator and restricted to non-localized and non-nested fields.