[IMPLEMENTED] Possibility to disable creating projects for users

I tried a self-hosted Squidex instance via docker the last day and unitl now it seems to be pretty fantastic! Nice job!

Now I was thinking of creating an api for an application where I would like someone else to maintain the content. Ok, so far it was easy to setup a new user and give him access to my application and assign the “editor” role to him, so he can just edit the content and nothing else. This seemed to work well.
BUT: If I now give those user credentials to my customer who is supposed to just maintain the content and do nothing else, he can login on my server and start creating projects on his own.

Is there a way that you as admin can restrict users from creating new projects on your server? If not, could this be implemented? It’s not just that the person is not ment to create new projects in the first place, but also it can be a bit confusing form him as a user (content maintainer)

Thanks for your nice words.

It sounds really useful and it should be possible to implement this easily. I think I will just add a config for it in the first iteration, so that only admins can create apps.

Thanks, that would be awesome! Just adding a config in the config file seems fine to me for now.

Also, do you think it could be possible to hide the dashbord of an app, too, for some users. As described above, if my customer is just supposed to change some content, this can be a bit confusing. There is “new schema” which does not work if he tries to proceed, there’s “API Documentation” documenting the api of Squidex which maybe just some hyroglyphs for a content maintainer, then there is “Feedback and Support” which is great for developers and the people creating the api, but the content maintainer would be redirected to Squidex support which may not be the right place as he should probably contact me as the maintainer of this api/cms.

Maybe it could just start with the first item of the toolbar on the left instead. For example: “content”

This is not possible, it would be a major change to the navigation system, but we could think about more config options for the dashboard page.

It is a bug that the Schema dialog is visible on the dashboard when you do not have the permissions. It is left from the new permission system that was introduced in December.

Hi Sebastian. Could I ask is this config has been added yet ?

I would have updated this topic if I would have added it. I was very busy with the 2.0

I have added the setting and pushed it.

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