[IMPLEMENTED] Ordering of entities

It would be nice to be able to manually reorder entities.

Two cases :

  • in nested objects : move up, move down, move first, move last, move below another entity, move above. On create, create as first, last, below entity, above entity.

  • on content list : move up, below, first, last, above entity, below. On create, same as nested entities.

This feature would be super useful.

Example use case : web site menu entries, paragraphs in page body, any content where order is semantically significant.

The workaround today is to add a dummy int “order” field to entities, but it’s a pain to maintain.



Thanks for your feature requests. I see the need for nested objects and will implement it soon, but it will probably never happen for content lists. It would conflict with other features, such as that the recent items are always first. If you want to make maintaining easier you can use the inline editing feature:

Implemented for nested objects.

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