[IMPLEMENTED] Ordering of Component field Schemas validation


We have a Component field that allows selection from a lot of different Component Schemas and they were added in a non-alphabetical order.

The dropdown when selecting from these components is the order in which they were defined on the Validation page for the field, however there is no way to reorder them without removing them and re-adding them all which could be risky if you didn’t back that list or references up.

This is obviously not a major issue and as we use the API to generate our schemas we just need to put them in alphabetical order ourselves, but it could be useful for someone who is managing a field like this solely using the UI (we also often use the UI to generate the field JSON for the API call).

Have run out of time today but will try to add some screenshots to more clearly show what I mean tomorrow.

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Would it just help to have a default ordering?

At first I was thinking that of course they should be alphabetical, and for our scenario that would absolutely work, but I worry other users might have already deliberately ordered their schemas in a non-alphabetical order, perhaps to put the most commonly used ones at the top or apply a rough grouping.

A little bit too complicated. I would prefer a simple solution.

Agreed, probably best to leave as is for now as it is easy enough to workaround by just removing and adding them back in the order you want.

I think there was or is a feature request to allow sorting for all tag fields, but it is very complex

It is actually sorted by name now.

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