[IMPLEMENTED] Order by Status

Is it possible to add sorting by ‘status’, similar to All (oldest first), please?
Using $orderby=status asc is returning Failed to parse query: Could not find a property named ‘status’ on type ‘Squidex.[schema]’.


Sure, I can add that.

Thanks a lot, Sebastian! Have a good day!

Would it be possible to make this field work for filtering too, please?

It is the same code, so: Yes :wink:

I am wrong, I have to prevent filtering by status, because it is already controlled by other things, such as the archive mode and so on.

Our use case basically is “From the GUI (back office), can you filter by published/unpublished?”

I was wrong, it is not a problem, because the different queries are concatenated by “AND”, so you finally have a database query like WHERE (status == 'Draft' OR status == 'Published') AND status == 'Draft'

Your feature request is in the build pipeline now and will be released in an hour or so.

Seems like I cant filter on fields containing ‘-’ like ‘text-internal’.

replace ‘-’ with ‘_’ and it will work. i do it all the time :slight_smile:

You’re right @nicholas! Thnx!

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Yes, it is an OData restriction, but it is documented somewhere. Btw: Your feature is deployed

Thank you! Have a nice weekend!