[IMPLEMENTED] One-to-One Reference

Right now there is only a “references” field which requires multiple (although, you an force it so only accept ONE) – but it would be nicer and cleaner to just have a one-to-one option with a reference. Plus it makes the naming much less confusing (plural field name that doesn’t allow multiple, etc).


Where do you see the problem? I see a benefit with the field structure

field: { iv: { ['123'] } }


field: { iv: { '123' } }

But besides that…

A separate field is a lot of overhead. I think it would be much easier to improve the UI and integrate the validation rules directly into the reference picker.

Yeah, the suggestion is for the UI much more so then the data structure. Would be nice to just have a drop-down instead of a multi-select.

A drag and drop? I am still not sure how you want it to look like :wink: Can you elaborate it more or make a sketch?

Something like this:

Hi, I have implemented and pushed it.

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