[IMPLEMENTED] Navigating between Schemas

Hi Squidex Support,

is there a way to directly navigate to a referenced content from the content that holds/specifies the reference or do we always have to switch the (Content) Schema first and then lookup the referenced content manually?

Thanks in advance

Are you talking about the UI or the API?

I’m talking about the UI.

I changed the topic to a feature request.

This is the only feature missing that holds me back from using squidex. My content is very reference based and moving between the references would be very nice. Any eta on this feature?


Next week, very likely. I will deploy 2.0 to the cloud this weekend and then I have finally time left for new stuff.

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Hi, I have finally completed the deployment after i had to fix a few bugs and issues with the clustering technology. So I can add the navigation tomorrow. Do you only need a link to the content item itself? Shall it open in a new tab or the same?