[IMPLEMENTED] Manual rules as buttons on dashboard

Right now we can create a specific role that allows someone who is essentially an editor to also see the rules and trigger them using the little play button. A much better UI for our non-technical clients would be if we can drop these as buttons on the dashboard. Just for manually triggered rules, using the rule name as the button text.

That way our non-technical users can get access to running the rules they need, without having to even see the rules entry in the menu, or get confused about what play button to push (the “manually triggered” block is green and has a play symbol on it, while the actual trigger button is outlined and less prominent).

Thanks for your feature request. You can almost create it yourself. The dashboard can be customized over JSON which also allows an iframe card. Unfortunately we cannot receive the access token and app information yet, but we could extend the extension SDK to provide these information via messaging.

Then you could build your own cards with a few lines of code.

Hi Sebastian

That would be fine for us :slightly_smiling_face: If you could add what is needed in a future release that would be great. I did look into doing it with the advanced dashboard config, but didn’t see a way.

Already done…release should be out today.

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