[IMPLEMENTED] Make 'Unset value' button separated from languages

Language selection buttons looks same as ‘Unset value’ and sometimes happens that I click on unset value instead of changing language.

Just small change in CSS should help.


I would rather make it white only to give it less focus.

It’s dangerous button which can delete lot of work (rich-text editor). Another idea is option in field configuration - something like ‘Confirm Unset Value’ and if true then put simple javascript confirm before unsetting value.

I can just add a normal confirm dialog that you have everywhere to it as well…

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But I think we also need a client side auto save history to really solve the problem.

FYI - After accidentally checking the “remember my choice” but clicked on “No”, the “Unset” button would not work again (I couldn’t find a way to reset the preferences).

That probably does not make sense … but you can go to your local store in Chrome. It is saved there.

Cleared all history on “Safari” and the popup now shows up again

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