[IMPLEMENTED] Localization of labels

Localization of fields labels would be a great feature. I couldn’t find anything about it, so I assumed it doesn’t exist yet.

Good point, but not that high priority, so far all teams seems to have one language.

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Is this something that could be implemented?
Edit: oops didn’t notice you said “not that high priority”, my bad :smiley:

Somebody from the community is working on this at the moment :slight_smile:

To be honest, I do not fully understand the feature request anymore. I was thinking about it and we have 2 dimensions of localization:

  1. UI language (en, it, dk at the moment)
  2. Field language for localized fields

And I am not sure what you are looking for. The problem is that the Labels and hints are also used in the backend.

Furthermore it would not make sense to also localized schema labels and hints then.

Hi @Wouter @Sebastian

The fields label and hints will be displayed with their translation for the current language
I’ve implemented like this. Is the logic correct?

Something like this. But it has nothing to do with default values, so we should not use this term. Just call it labels and hints.

I also see the following issues:

  • If we want to have a label per UI language, we would only support the supported languages: EN, IT, NL
  • If we want to localize the labels for localized fields, it does not make sense to support this feature for schema labels and hints.

So right now the feature is unclear for me.

Yea, I know, just need change translation frontend file. Have done.

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This has actually been implemented a while ago. Just have forgotten to move it.

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