[IMPLEMENTED] Is there any way to retrieve all referenced items using GraphQL?

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Current behavior

I have a schema that contains a reference field, I have more than 200 referenced items in this field.
While attempting to retrieve data by using a GraphQL query, I can only get a maximum of 200 referenced items. I have read the documentation here, I know that we can only get a maximum of 200 items for each request from a schema, but how can I get all referenced items of a reference field from that schema?

Expected behavior

It should be able to get all referenced items from a reference field.

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I think this is more like a feature request, because for referenced items there should be no limit.

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Yes, you’re right. It would be great if we can retrieve all referenced items.

I have implemented it, but it is not deployed yet.

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Sounds great! Thank you so much

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