[IMPLEMENTED] Is there a query for deleted content?

I have a mobile app with its own standalone SQLite database that I need to keep in sync with some content from Squidex. I’m working on writing a process that will use the Squidex API to query for changes and update the SQLite database accordingly.

Is there a query to retrieve content that has been deleted (not edited or added) in the CMS? Ideally I’d like to provide a cutoff date as a filter, so I can retrieve content that has been deleted since some given date.

Thanks for your help!


Not automatically right now. You can use the rules for that and and store the IDs somewhere else. Perhaps I can build something for that as well.

Thanks, Sebastian. And is the same true for assets, i.e. currently no automatic way?

Yes, same story here. I will come up with something until end of the week.

Got it. Incredibly responsive. Thank you!

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Also contains another feature (therefore the PR name): https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/pull/670

You can use isDeleted eq true in your filters.

That’s awesome, Sebastian! Thank you so much.

Will the “date modified” correspond to the date the content or asset was deleted?

Yes, exactly. LastModified is the deletion date.

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In your case the best option would be to get access to the events. It is like a changelog (give me all changes since X)

Cool. Is there documentation for that?

There is no API for this yet.

Ah, okay. I’ll use the new filter for the time being. Thanks for your help!

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