[IMPLEMENTED] Inserting Asset as a link instead of image


I find myself in the need of adding a .pdf in the Rich Text Editor. I can only add the .pdf file as an image instead of as a link. Is there a possibility of this feature being added? Now I can have to manually copy the link address from the asset and put it in the url tab when adding a link.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, sounds doable. I have only something for image and video, just need the document fallback.

Hi, I have implemented it in the current master branch.

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Thank you! I really appreciate how quickly your reply and implement. :+1:

Will this be added to the hosted version soon? I also have a need to insert a “document” asset into a post and was expecting an html anchor with an href attribute pointing to the asset.

@Sebastian Any statusupdate?

As I said: It is in the master branch, but a lot of things went into the master recently and I want to ensure that everything works before I create a release. But you can always use the dev tag in docker to get the current version.

Or are you talking about the cloud version? It is the same story here, I will test everything the next few days and then deploy it.