[IMPLEMENTED] Image focus point

Hi Sebastian

A nice feature that you can find in many CMS is the ability to set a focus point on images, to ensure that when the image is cropped, that the primary object is still in focus.

I think this would be a nice addition to this CMS :slight_smile:

Do you have an example from another application?

I think this youtube explain it pretty good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0cMzW4jlNk

Or this: https://tiny.pictures/demo/focal-point

Maybe even add predefined crops to it as in Umbraco CMS (Screenshot).

You can set a focal point and also crop aspects ratios (with scaling):

This allows for art direction i.e. for responsive designs or channels.

Good feature request. Sounds valuable.

I to some extend agree that presets could also be nice, but it’s often something that is very much coupled to a specific platform solution, and makes it 1:1 depended.

If we looking at it from more platform agnostic and cross platform perspective, it’s really rare that it actually make sense, since each platform or devices would require its own set of presets.

So i think at least for a first version, to me presets is not necessary

I think for point features the assets need an overall improvement, especially from the UI perspective.

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Working on it …