[IMPLEMENTED] Hide/show map in Geolocation field


Having Geolocation field is pretty cool and we plan to start using it.
Just that it’s taking over huge space in content entry section.
Would be great to have hide/show map option in Geolocation field so we can only enter the lat, long and save up space for other input fields.


Makes sense, will add it.

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Hi, it would be a nice feature to toggle on/off showing the contents of larger fields (i.e. map, textarea, json, richtext, json, etc ) to be able to collapse/hide contents on-initial-show? I suspect this feature could be used across all fields, including an indicator that the field has “content” or not before you dare expose it.

Slightly related to this, is there any setting to reduce the margin between fields? Just to bring things tighter when scrolling?

Lastly, a global option to configure how each cms field label presentation - i.e. bold, colour and size? I would definitely like to distinguish a field label when scanning a document.

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Thats true, I can add a common button to all fields, something like this already exists for array items: Living Topic: Status Updates

But it would not help here, because only a part of the content editor should be hidden/shown.

For the other requests: Please create separate feature requests, so that it does not get lost.

Implemented in the master branch.

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