[IMPLEMENTED] Hide AI button when not configured

Hello, currently when you do not have AI chatbot (excellent feature btw when I checked it out on the cloud) configured the button still appears and when you try to use it you get a message stating:

The ChatBot does not provide an answer or has not been configured yet.

When the API key is empty in configuration as shown below our users would prefer for the AI button to not show.

"chatbot": {
    "openai": {
        // The OpenAI API Key.
        "apiKey": ""

Note that we are using Squidex v7.8.1, but I cannot see a change in the v7.8.2 changelog or recent commits that would mean this behaviour has changed.

I wanted to encourage people to try it out :wink:

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Well that’s worked as it’s definitely on our minds now to potentially get it up and running at some point! Just is a bit of a tease at the moment when they can write the prompt but not get a result.